This is for all you arrogant book-readers: fuck you!

First off let's make this clear, although I'm not an avid book-reader, I have nothing against reading books. It's a form of entertainment for some people, that's cool. Some people watch TV, others play video games, and some are involved in athletic activities. Whatever floats your boat, it's fine with me.

The problem emerges when these book-lovers get up on their high-stool and act as if they're the shit because they read books and you don't. They believe that reading books makes you intelligent, or some bullshit like that. Don't get me wrong here, if you're reading a book about how to code C++, my hat goes off to you; you're actually learning something and being productive. If you're reading the Twilight series and you're bullshitting me about your productivity, fuck you.

Okay, listen, just because I enjoy watching TV or playing video games instead of reading a fucking fantasy book doesn't make me any less productive than you, asshole.

If your argument lies within you being more productive than me because I'm watching TV rather than reading a book, you need to put that piece of shit you call a novel the fuck away, and learn some fucking common sense. Why? Because whether you're reading a book or watching TV, your lazy ass is sitting down, motionless, doing absolutely nothing except relaxing and enjoying the story in front of you. You are in no way being more productive because you're reading your story and I'm listening to my story.

And if you're going to argue that reading a book is more productive than playing video games, shoot yourself. What are you doing? You're reading a fucking story. What am I doing, I'm interacting with a fucking story. Your story is a static piece of shit in which the outcome is predestined to whatever the author wanted it to be. You sit there, cuddled up in your Snuggie, eagerly waiting to find out what happens between the vampires and werewolves as the story unfolds. My story is an dynamic masterpiece, constantly changing depending on every decision I make. I sit there constantly checking every pixel of my screen, just so I don't miss out on any small detail that may drastically change the outcome of my story. Your book's story is a piece of shit fantasy, and in the end, what did you gain from it? Nothing, except maybe some entertainment and that shitty feeling you get when something you love suddenly expires. My video game's story, it's always on-going; even if it ends, I can still continue to play, enjoy, and be entertained. What did I gain? I gained a shitload of experience in quick-decision making skills, better eye-to-hand coordination, and a fucking great deal of entertainment.

Fuck you book-readers, I am more productive than you.



Anonymous said...

HAHA.... completely agree with you bro. you write pretty intelligently as in someone who reads a lot. I like the way you express the difference between reading and video gaming haha..


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss,'tis folly to be wise...

Anonymous said...

I read books and play video games. I have learned things from both suych as roman numerals from castlevania when i was younger. But if I had to say which one was more productive It would have to be reading because not only does it broaden your vocabulary it also helps with analytical skills.

To sum it all up dont hate on reading in general just the people who think reading makes them superior to you.

Anonymous said...

Dont bash on me for the typo's I just noticed bad.

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